The best Stoner 63 Warzone loadout

The best Stoner 63 Warzone loadout

Looking for the best Stoner 63 loadout in Warzone? Now that some of the best Warzone weapons have received a much-needed nerf in Warzone Season 4, there’s more room for lesser used Call of Duty Cold War guns like the Stoner 63 to shine. This LMG was already one of the best fully automatic weapons in the battle royale game, and now it has a chance to solidify its place in the Warzone meta.

Assault rifle and SMG users will know the pain of having to reload your gun in the middle of a fight. No matter how fast your reload speed is on a weapon like the FFAR 1 or the Mac-10, there’s always the danger of being caught out while switching your magazines. This problem almost never happens with the Stoner 63 thanks to its huge magazines, storing over 100 bullets to ensure you can fight off numerous enemies at any given time.

That said, the stock Stoner 63 has a few issues you should keep in mind, such as heavy recoil and surprisingly small magazines. However, if you choose the right attachments for this LMG, you should have no problems handling the recoil and you won’t need to worry about reloading until after you’ve taken out an entire squad.

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