The big Back 4 Blood interview: environmental storytelling, always online, and the new card system

Perhaps one of the most anticipated games since its unveiling at The Game Awards last year, Back 4 Blood, developed by the makers of Left 4 Dead, marks a return to a lost era. Turtle Rock Studios has been explicit in saying that it has been disappointed by releases in the zombie shooter genre in the past decade, so it has come back to the genre do it itself. And while it has also been explicit about the fact that this is a new IP, the studio has not shied away from the game's familiarity with its spiritual predecessor and its formula.

The game was delayed in March, from 22nd June to 12th October, giving the team more time to finish it off. It was also revealed Back 4 Blood will be on Xbox Game Pass on day one and will be always online. An open beta is also set to be launched on 12th August, with early access available right now for those who pre-ordered.

I had the opportunity to try out the beta with Eurogamer's video team and have a chat with Chris Ashton, co-founder and design director at Turtle Rock Studios. I asked him about storytelling, Xbox Game Pass, the new card system, Left 4 Dead's legacy, and more.

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