The Difference Between Marvel’s Midnight Suns and Midnight Sons Explained

Marvel's Midnight Suns is a new turn-based RPG coming from Firaxis, the studio behind the XCOM series. In the new game, players will take on the role of a character called The Hunter and team up with a variety of Marvel heroes. Familiar names like Wolverine, Iron Man, and Captain America be playable, along with Blade, Ghost Rider, and many more. Marvel's Midnight Suns is influenced by an early 90s comic called Midnight Sons, and while there do seem to be some similarities, there are some key differences between the game and the comic arc.

Just a few days ago, the gameplay for Marvel's Midnight Suns was revealed. Gamers got a look at the strategic elements of combat, the card system, and the relationship-building elements of the game. The XCOM developer stated it was approached by Marvel to adapt the Midnight Sons comic rather than the studio pitching an adaptation. The comic book inspiration for the new Marvel game has a darker take on Marvel and its characters, and it seems as though this influence will shine through in Marvel's Midnight Suns.

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The Midnight Sons Comic Arc


The Midnight Sons group was formed in the comic book event entitled Rise of the Midnight Sons. In this story, Johnny Blaze, better known as Ghost Rider, receives a vision that Lilith, Mother of Demons, was being resurrected and posed an immediate threat. Doctor Strange learned that a group of warriors, the Midnight Sons, were essential to stop her plans.

Some of the major characters featured in the Rise of the Midnight Sons story are Ghost Rider, Morbius, Blade, Hannibal King, and several more of Marvel's darker heroes. Johnny Blaze is very much at the center of this story, but a different Ghost Rider, along with some other character changes, will feature in Marvel's Midnight Suns.

Differences in Marvel's Midnight Suns


Based on what has been revealed so far, the basic elements of the story seem to be intact for Firaxis' adaptation. Lilith does appear to be the primary antagonist, and the game seems to be exhibiting the Marvel universe through a darker lens. The major differences, however, seem to relate to the characters involved in the video game version. The protagonist of Marvel's Midnight Suns is a character called The Hunter, who is a child of Lilith. This adds a whole new dimension to the story and arguably makes the narrative a more personal affair. This character is an original creation for Firaxis' Midnight Suns, and wasn't part of the Midnight Sons comic book story.

That's not the only character-related difference, as Marvel's Midnight Suns will have a tweaked roster. Blade and Doctor Strange are set to appear, though there will be a different version of Ghost Rider and some curious additions to the team. Captain America and Iron Man will be in Midnight Suns, who aren't usually associated with the darker aspects of Marvel comics. While speculation, it could be a case of trying to appeal to more casual Marvel fans, in addition to fans of the Midnight Sons storyline. While the supernatural aspect of the story seems to be much retained from Midnight Sons, this does appear to be more of an original story inspired by the comic book.

Marvel's Midnight Suns has a chance to stand out among other superhero games. Using the Midnight Sons comic as its supernatural inspiration, this darker take on Marvel heroes could be well received by fans. Midnight Suns doesn't appear to be recounting the comic book story and the inclusion of The Hunter, the family ties, and the adjusted team roster sets it apart from the original story. Firaxis reportedly changed the spelling to Midnight Suns to pay homage to the comic, while also emphasizing that it isn't an exact adaptation.

Marvel's Midnight Suns will launch in March 2022 on PC, PS4, PS5, Switch, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S.

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