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The Fable Games Are Still Worth Playing in 2021

A new entry in the long-dormant Fable series is being worked on by Playground Games, and fans of the series are understandably excited to learn more. It has been years since the last Fable was released, and many new players may be wondering whether or not they should check out the original trilogy before picking up the new game. The good news is that players who are worried about story beats likely don't have to worry, as the new game seems to be a reboot of the series.

However, there are many themes and elements from older Fable games that players may want to familiarize themselves with ahead of the next Fable. All three Fable titles have aged a lot over the years, with the first Fable releasing on the original Xbox and its two sequels releasing on the Xbox 360. That much time could have many players wondering whether or not the games are worth checking out, but considering the original Fable was one of the best exclusives on the original Xbox, it set a precedent that shows all three titles in the series are more than worth playing in 2021.

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What Makes the Fable Games Special


Many RPGs focus on offering meaningful consequences to the actions and choices made by players, but the Fable series takes this to an entirely different level. This is done in a variety of ways, but the largest and most influential is undoubtedly Fable's iconic morality system. This system sees the player's character changing based on whether or not the player makes good or evil decisions over the course of their playthrough.

Raising one's morality in either direction changes the hero's appearance, unlocks new abilities, and changes how NPCs interact with the player. While the system has received criticism over the years for being inherently binary and easy to cheese, the results it has on a playthrough offer a special feeling that arguably isn't offered anywhere else in the industry. The impact of the player's decisions is further reinforced by how the world outside of the player is forever changed. Players can decide whether peasants live or die, can end up destroying an entire village, and even decide the fate of the entire world in Fable 3. This allows players to really have an impact on Albion and its history throughout all of Fable's installments.

The series also offers a unique take on the fantasy RPG that is heavily inspired by fairy tales and British culture. The games are renowned for their humor and silly atmosphere, and they present a whimsical world that is considerably more light-hearted than RPG series like The Elder Scrolls or The Witcher. This includes a variety of different stories, unique locations, and a few different spell systems across the Fable series.

Another unique aspect of the series is how it allows fans to see its world progress through time. All three games in the trilogy take place in the land of Albion, with each one being separated by years of progress and societal changes. This allows players to see the impact that time has on the world, with previously accepted religions fading into myths and the nation eventually reaching the technologies of the Industrial Revolution. This is a very special reward for players who are dedicated to the series, and will be something that the new Fable will have to be very careful to balance when it releases.

Fable is currently in development.

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