The Game Of Life: Super Mario Edition Lets You Explore Mushroom Kingdom And Battle Bowser

Hasbro and Nintendo have teamed up to bring us The Game of Life: Super Mario Edition. In this classic board game with a twist, players will take control of an iconic Super Mario character to travel through the Mushroom Kingdom and take down the villainous Bowser. With fun minigames, recognizable companions, and classic power-ups, this is a fun reimagining of the tabletop game that video game enthusiasts will love.

With The Game of Life: Super Mario Edition players will choose from Mario, Luigi, Peach, or Yoshi to move across the Mushroom Kingdom-inspired board. The board is adorned in artwork from the series and players will feel like they have transported right into a Super Mario video game. Once characters are chosen, each player will choose their own looping path through the Mushroom Kingdom and have the chance to face-off against each other in fun minigames to earn coins and prizes. These minigames include tense games of Rock Paper Scissors, winner-takes-all Thumb Wars, and Spin-offs.

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Unlike the traditional Game of Life where the goal is all about earned income and retirement, the Super Mario Edition gives players a new goal of defeating Bowser. As players approach Bowser’s castle, they will have to use their collected coins to purchase Stars that will give them a boost in their battle against the Mario villain. They can also pick up special power-up items and even gain a companion or two that will help take down the Princess-stealing lizard.

Of course, the Super Mario franchise is no stranger to the board game treatment. Just last year, Hasbro unveiled a Jenga and Monopoly set starring everyone’s favorite Italian plumber as part of the franchise’s 35th anniversary. Not to mention Super Nintendo World, the Nintendo-themed Park that focuses heavily on Super Mario, that opened earlier this year. Seems like people just can’t get enough of the goomba-stomping hero.

The Game of Life: Super Mario Edition includes the Mario-themed gameboard, spinner, 4 iconic character tokens, 24 Star pegs, 60 cards (26 Action, 10 Minigame, 10 Companion, 10 Item, and 4 Reference), 95 coins, a handy storage tray, and instructions. It is available now at Target and retails for $28.49.

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