The Incredible & Inspiring Takamina Cosplay

The Incredible Takamina Cosplay

This month at COGconnected we’re celebrating Pride month by showcasing amazing LBGTQ+ cosplayers from around the world. Last weekend, we shared the beautiful couple of Baozi and Hana. This week, we have an outstanding cosplayer based out of the US, Lauren Salter, who also goes by Takamina Cosplay. Before we dive into her amazing cosplay work, it’s worth noting that not long ago, Lauren was an Olympic hopeful for Team USA in the Skeleton event. So, not only does she look like a champion in these incredible cosplay pics, she’s also a champion in real life! And with that, let’s take a look at Lauren’s portfolio.


Adora (Takamina Cosplay) and Catra (Lauren D., Twitter and Instagram) – She-Ra


Adora (Takamina Cosplay) – She-Ra


Check out page 2 for an amazing Captain America gender-bend.

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