The King of Fighters 15 Has a Surprisingly Large Download Size on PS5

The King of Fighters 15

The King of Fighters 15 is a game that fans of the series and the genre have been keeping an eye on for a while, and all that’s been shown of it so far has suggested that SNK is going to deliver another solid fighter. It seems, however, that it’s going to require more storage space on your console than you’d expect.

@PlaystationSize is a Twitter page that tracks the PSN database and any updates made to it, and according to the account, The King of Fighters 15 is going to have a download size of 68.048 GB on the PS5, and that might even go up with a day one patch. Meanwhile, pre-loads will begin on February 15 (or February 12 for Deluxe Edition owners, who’ll get early access starting February 15).

68 GB isn’t terribly large for most games that launch these days, but it does seem unexpectedly hefty for a fighting game. SNK’s own Samurai Shodown has a size of 18.63 GB on the PS4, while PS5 fighter Guilty Gear Strive has a size of 11 GB. Of course, there’s also something like Mortal Kombat 11, which has a whopping 86.21 GB size, so it’s not like this is completely unheard of.

The King of Fighters 15 will launch on February 17 for PS5, Xbox Series X/S, PS4, Xbox One, and PC. SNK recently also provided details on what the game’s post-launch roadmap will look like. Read more on that through here.

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