The Last of Us 2 Fan Shows Off Somber Ellie Painting

The Last of Us 2's harrowing narrative emphasizes the importance of perspective and develops its characters through tragic sequences that ultimately shape them. As a sequel, The Last of Us 2 fleshes out each of the narrative threads that are constructed in the original game, with lasting, devastating consequences surfacing that change the trajectory of certain characters' lives. Please note that this article will have some SPOILERS for The Last of Us 2.

Flashbacks reward the player with heartfelt sequences that reveal context or information that was previously hidden. Some flashbacks offer tender experiences with The Last of Us 2's characters that, upon acknowledgement of present circumstances, are even more touching as a result. One fan artist's recent work showcases one of these sequences in a beautiful painting.

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Little-Sadie has shared another gouache painting of The Last of Us 2, this time depicting a particularly somber moment from one of the game's most sentimental and revelatory flashbacks. Like Little-Sadie's previous The Last of Us 2 fan art, their opaque watercolor painting provides color contrasts and isolates a singular moment to capture in gouache. This moment is from the flashback set between the events of The Last of Us and The Last of Us 2, where Ellie has returned to Salt Lake City's hospital and finally coerces the truth out of Joel with regard to what truly happened there in the events of the original game.


But Little-Sadie has also chosen to share the work-in-progress stages of their The Last of Us 2 fan art piece, from a stencil outline to the final product. The rough outline silhouettes Ellie with a tangible background in the distance, and the evolution of the piece through gradual progression images show greater detail being added to each element of the sketch before opaque watercolor is applied.


Tiny details can be seen through the artist's progress images, such as a Firefly insignia on the supply chest that Ellie is sitting on that is no longer visible in the final piece. Little-Sadie's artwork impressively captures this moment without having Joel or any distinguishably eye-catching features of the scene itself, apart from Ellie's particular clothing and the environmental set piece around her.


This particular flashback reveals to the player why Ellie and Joel are suffering a fallout in their relationship in The Last of Us 2's present day. Likewise, flashbacks assist players in understanding other contextual storytelling that perhaps is not explicitly stated, such as Abby's motivations and actions while they play as her.


This moment is a stark turning point for Ellie as it greatly changes her perspective of Joel, who has confidently lied to her about her circumstances at the hospital. Little-Sadie's art wonderfully showcases a wide glance at the character with saddened body language as she has looked into uncovering the truth for herself.

The Last of Us 2 is available now on PS4.

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