The Last Worker Adds Jason Isaacs And David Hewlett To Voice Cast Ahead Of Venice International Film Festival

The Last Worker is an upcoming VR game by Oiffy, directed by Jörg Tittel, developed by VR studio Wolf & Wood, and published by Wired Productions. It’s also the only video game to feature at the Venice International Film Festival under its VR Expanded lineup. Tittel recently revealed a star studded voice cast for the game, featuring Jason Isaacs, Olafur Darri Olafsson, Clare-Hope Ashitey, and David Hewlett.

“There is no better occasion to announce our wonderful cast than the world’s oldest film festival, La Biennale di Venezia. We have recorded over 200 pages of dialogue between London, Reykjavik, Adelaide and Toronto and I hope that people the world over will fall in love with their characters and get lost in our story.”

The Last Worker is a first-person VR game set in a dystopian future. It focuses primarily on Kurt, the last human worker in a factory for Jüngle Corporation. He’s spent over 25 years working for the corporation and hasn’t seen the outside world since starting. However, he is contacted by a group of activists who seek his help in taking down Jüngle.

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“The Last Worker felt entirely unlike every game I’ve played or been a part of,” said Jason Isaacs. “The characters were human and complicated and funny, the story was poignant and personal and, yes, the game-playing was addictive and fun. All round it felt fresh, creative and original. When was the last time you had a helper bot from Liverpool?! The creator, Jörg, is a risk-taking nerd of the highest order. Roll on The Last Worker 2… if that’s not a contradiction!”

It will feature handcrafted 3D and 2D visuals by British comic artist Mick McMahon who has previously worked on Judge Dredd and Batman. The fist chapter will be playable at the 78th Venice International Film Festival on Oculus Quest 2 / Quest.

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