The Moon Crashes Into Earth In Special Effects Extravanganza Moonfall

The upcoming apocalyptic film Moonfall has got a new trailer from Lionsgate that shows what would happen if the moon came to us. The trailer for Moonfall also teases an extraterrestrial threat that appears to be attacking any and every human insight.

Starring Halle Berry, Patrick Wilson, John Bradley, Michael Pena, Charlie Plummer, Helly Yu, and Donald Sutherland, Lionsgate's Moonfall will be set in the year 2022 (which is actually only a couple of months away) and will follow humanity on a mission to survive the moon crashing onto the surface of the earth.

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The Moonfall trailer shows the characters doing an experiment of some kind while they're traveling to the moon via spaceship, and soon after it cuts to the moon reversing course and heading towards Earth. The moon causes a great deal of change for the Earth, as many know that it's often linked to being the reason for ocean tides moving the way they do. Space is always going to be a tricky situation, as any little thing that gets changed can affect so much. As seen in the Moonfall trailer, there are gravitational pulls, Earth falls apart, catastrophic tsunamis rise, explosions ensue, and there's even an extraterrestrial life form that looks similar to the Venom symbiote from Marvel, attacking anything and everyone.

Moonfall's special effects look promising, as one can assume that's where most of the budget would go to considering the huge spectacle of the film. There's no telling as to how the characters will survive the event because there is nothing within a human being's capabilities that can stop something as big as the moon when it's already headed towards Earth. The most logical solution would be for them to escape somehow, but then there has to be the question of where do they go? Life isn't a Dead Space video game, after all.

For fans of apocalyptic disaster movies, definitely give Moonfall a weekend watch. With all the recent interest in space exploration and technology, this film couldn't have come at a more perfect time. It's also a unique spin on the genre, as usually something like this is associated with an asteroid or aliens landing (as seen in A Quiet Place 2), so hopefully, this shakes up the genre in a way fans haven't seen.

Moonfall is directed by Roland Emmerich (The Day After Tomorrow, White House Down, 2012, Independence Day Resurgence), and his work proves he is no stranger to big spectacles or apocalyptic disasters. Expect the same thing here when Moonfall gets released early next year.

Moonfall will be out on February 4th, 2022

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