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The Sims 4 Player Perfectly Recreates Abby From The Last of Us 2

The Sims 4 provides a myriad of customization tools for players to be able to create and recreate most characters from popular franchises, but of course, there are some presets and other oversights that may negate the most creative individual’s imagination. Fortunately, there are numerous ways players can modify or edit their Sims outside of The Sims 4‘s regular character customization parameters.

Create-A-Sim, or CAS, is a cheat mod that allows for more unique Sim creations. Likewise, players have access to custom content, or CC, which grants moddable Sim creation tools that add new presets and lifestyle options, such as furniture and activities. If players are having trouble tweaking their Sim to create a particular demographic or established character, these mod tools are especially helpful. One fan with an affinity for The Last of Us 2, for example, has used some of these tools when generating a Sim of Abby Anderson.

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The Last of Us 2 fan and The Sims 4 player modnar109 has put a great amount of effort into making a custom Abby Sim. The custom Sim accentuates Abby’s faint, sunkissed freckles and softer facial features. The Sim also features Abby’s iconic ponytail braid, which is an absolute must for any Abby recreation, though their selected hairstyle pulls the Sim’s wispy bangs out from the braid and has them drape loosely around her face. Indeed, without the braid included this Sim could arguably be emulating one of many different characters, and not Abby exclusively.

I made Abby in The Sims 4 ✨ from

As for modnar109’s ability to make the Abby Sim more muscular and large, they insist that “The Sims 4 has a max slider adjustment for women’s body parts, of which Abby has the maximum here.” Sadly, modnar109 wishes that the slider could be extrapolated upon because it is ill-fitting of womens’ body standards and lacks the proper representation for untraditional or unconventional female body types. Since then, however, modnar109 states that they will continue to look for other body preset CCs in order to find a better representation of Abby’s physique.

With a chin cut and a distinct nose created with CC mods, modnar109’s custom Abby Sim looks spot on. Further, modnar109 has shown a comparison image for her Sim with Abby’s face model, Jocelyn Mettler. Though their Abby Sim’s lack of muscles is not their fault, modnar109’s Abby does make a more arguable comparison to Jocelyn, or perhaps even a younger Abby as seen in The Last of Us 2‘s perspective flashbacks.


Regardless, this fan’s extensive effort demonstrates their enthusiasm toward both The Sims 4 and The Last of Us 2.

The Sims 4 is currently available on PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One.

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