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Spider-Man's eclectic costume catalog is unmistakably one of the most fan-favorite features in Marvel's Spider-Man. Marvel's Spider-Man and Marvel's Spider-Man: Miles Morales each contain exciting suit cosmetics and associated suit abilities that may alternate gameplay mechanics in traversal or combat. Marvel's Spider-Man's intermittent DLCs featured their own batches of new suits, and an isolated update added the highly fan-requested Webbed Suit from Sam Raimi's blockbuster film.

Fans are waiting for news about Marvel's Spider-Man's unannounced sequel. Insomniacmay have purposely neglected to feature particular suits, such as the Symbiote suit, because there are considered plans for unused suits in Marvel's Spider-Man's future. Either way, speculation about which suits may appear is meant to be all in good fun. Rather, fans requesting which suits they want has apparently begun to annoy other members of the community, resulting in a sarcastic meme that shares discontent for harmless fan speculation.

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The Marvel's Spider-Man community on Reddit is currently experiencing the rise of a new meme template that mocks peoples' suit requests, featuring satirical requests for nonsensical suits such as the Batsuit V8.03 from Batman: Arkham Knight. Batman's suit is clearly not going to make the cut in Marvel's Spider-Man's sequel, but that is evidently the point of the meme. The meme seemingly began after a number of different posts had requested variations of Spider-Man's classic red-and-blue suit that looked similar to each other. This suggests that the community is tired of hearing suit requests that seem repetitive, or they are simply wishing to poke fun in a sarcastic way.

Some requests, however, blur the line between what is wanted from suits in Marvel's Spider-Man's sequel. ScreenCuisine has posted a hilarious idea for a suit in the sequel, suggesting that the player's reward for 100% completion should be a suit based on the disproportionately drawn Spoderman.

This appears to be a joke, but it could also either be a meme in response to other requests, or a genuine request that they think would be funny. The meme itself may have also been born of these innocuous yet superficial requests, but it is entertaining nonetheless while fans wait for news about the suits that will in fact be in Marvel's Spider-Man's sequel.

If fans are truly bothered by individuals sharing their suit wishlists, no matter how trivial, it is certainly going to get worse before it gets better. Whether these suit requests irritate the Marvel's Spider-Man community or not, they are not likely to end until fans hear official news about the sequel and its roster of suits.

In the meantime, the sequel to Marvel's Spider-Man is likely underway in development and fans will have to wait until upcoming suit selections are revealed.

Marvel's Spider-Man is available now on PS4 and PS5.

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