The Surge 2 PS5/Xbox Series X Upgrade Looks Unlikely, Next Project is “Something Fresh” – Deck13

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German developer Deck13 has garnered a reputation for itself as a developer of strong, solid action RPGs over the last few years, first with Lords of the Fallen and then with The Surge and The Surge 2. The latter in particular launched not that long ago, and if you were hoping that it would receive next-gen enhancements and ports the way many recent PS4/Xbox One releases have- well, don’t hold your breath.

Over on Twitter, the developer said that while it would “love to get the opportunity” to work on a patch of The Surge 2 for the PS5 and Xbox Series X/S, their resources right now are “pretty much all tied up” in the new IP that they’re working on with publisher Focus Home Interactive (who acquired the developer earlier this year).

Deck13 goes on to re-iterate that its next project isn’t going to be The Surge 3, adding, “It’s time for something fresh.”

If you do have a hankering to play Deck13’s sci-fi Soulslike, The Surge 2 is available currently on PS4, Xbox One, and PC.

We'd love to get the opportunity to do a next gen patch, but for now our resources are pretty much all tied up in the new project. That project won't be The Surge 3. It's time for something fresh ?

— Deck13 (@Deck13_de) November 30, 2020

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