The Witcher 3: How To Get Magic Acorn And What It Does

The huge world of The Witcher 3 is filled with all sorts of secrets to discover. Even if you're the most observant and adventurous person, you'll still fail to notice some of the most well-hidden things in the game. For instance, the Magic Acorn is missed by many players.

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People tend to pass the item by because it's so out of the way and you have to be truly committed to exploring everything and everywhere to find it. It's a shame, too, because the Acorn is actually useful. But, don't worry, you can still get your hands on it. In fact, here is everything you need to know about the elusive item, including its location.

How To Get The Magic Acorn


The Magic Acron is held by none other than the Wild Hunt General, Imlerith. During Act Three, you kill the evil monster in one of the most difficult boss battles in the game.

At any point after the skirmish, you can loot his body to get the Acorn. And the first opportunity comes within that same quest, aka Bald Mountain.

How To Pick It Up During Bald Mountain


At the end of the quest, you will sit on the side of a mountain with Ciri and bask in your recent victories. Then Ciri will suggest that the two of you meet up with Yen and Triss.

As the quest is at an end anyway, many will agree to leave, but by responding with "not quite yet," you give yourself the chance to pick up the Magic Acorn as soon as possible.

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After the scene comes to a close, turn left and head up the path. By climbing up the ledge, you'll now be at the battlefield where you dueled Imlerith.

Have a quick search around the area to find his body and loot it to acquire the Acorn. When you do leave, you'll be able to give the item to the villagers instead of using it, but there's no benefit to doing so.

How To Pick Up The Acorn Afterwards


If you miss the chance to acquire the Acorn during the quest, you can always return to the mountain to pick it up.

To get there, fast travel to the Road to Bald Mountain signpost right in the south of Velen. Once you're at the location, start to follow the path upwards, pass through the first small village, and take the next right to head up towards a cave entrance. You'll have to face some Foglets along the way.

The inside of the cave will look familiar as it is where Ciri fought the Crones. Go all the way through the place to get to the exit on the other side. Next, cross the bridge and go around the corner beside the Place of Power. Keep following the path upward to reach the area where you fought Imlerith. Look around for his body and loot it.

What The Magic Acorn Does


The Magic Acorn allows you to gain two more ability points, which can help put you one step closer to creating one of the best builds in the game. To harness the power, you have to go into the food and drink section of your inventory, find the acorn, and hit the consume button. You'll instantly get your points.

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