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The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt players have shared no shortage of special cosplays based on the game’s cast of characters, though Geralt is unsurprisingly a fan favorite. However, one The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt fan has gone out of their way to make their cosplay unique, as a real-life horse has been included.

Geralt’s relationship with Roach has only become more prominent in recent years, as the stoic Witcher has bonded closely with his mode of transportation. While there have been several different horses to take the name of Roach, fans have grown to love the version from the third Witcher game and the Netflix series. With the in-game version even getting the chance to talk to Geralt in a hilarious scene, the animal’s popularity makes sense. As such, Roach serves as a great addition to MikleMuraki’s cosplay.

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The Redditor can be seen leaning up against the horse. While the one from the third game is brown, making this version’s white mane noticeably different, this is a fine compromise. Once again, with Geralt having multiple Roaches in The Witcher books, he easily could have had a white horse at one point in time. Either way, including a living animal in a cosplay shoot is an awesome touch, and it helps set this version of the Witcher apart from those that have dressed up as him in the past.

Another interesting thing about this cosplay is that it does not focus on Geralt’s usual attire. While plenty of cosplayers like to don one of the armor sets from the various Witcher schools, something that makes this outfit memorable is the fact that it comes from the Hearts of Stone expansion. Alongside the white shirt, belt, and Wolf medallion, the rope tied around Geralt’s body makes the outfit a nod to the start of the DLC. Worn when Geralt is taken away on a ship by the Offieri, the costume was also seen on the expansion’s promo art.

Aside from that, this Geralt cosplayer does a fine job of capturing the reluctant hero’s look. The beard looks great, as does the hair, with special attention paid to the makeup. Small cuts and scrapes can be seen on Geralt’s nose and the side of his face, while his signature scar covers his eye. Contact lenses are also worn to recreate the character’s cat-like eyes, with a black background used to keep the focus on the cosplayer and his horse.

While The Witcher Season 2 will soon bring more official live action content for fans, cosplays like this one are still worthy of appreciation. With the surprising addition of Roach elevating the post, there is lots to love about MikleMuraki’s work.

The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt is available on PC, PS4, Switch, and Xbox One. A next-gen version is expected to hit PS5 and Xbox Series S and X later this year.

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