The Witcher: Ronin Launches Kickstarter Next Week With Limited Geralt And Tengu Reward

Last month, CD Projekt Red announced an upcoming Kickstarter campaign to fund The Witcher: Ronin. This will be a full-length manga set in The Witcher universe and based heavily on Japanese folklore. Today, the developer followed up that announcement with the news that the campaign will officially launch on September 7. They also shared news of a special bonus for anyone who backs the campaign in its first 24 hours.

CD Projekt Red made the launch announcement over on Twitter where they let folks know that the campaign will go live at noon CEST, which is 3 AM for PT and 6 AM EST, on September 7. They also shared that anyone who backs the project in its first 24 hours will get a very special bonus; a 12cm tall collector’s miniature that depicts an epic fight between Geralt and Tengu. The Tengu is a small bird-like yókai that will likely be a prominent creature in the manga.

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The main story for The Witcher: Ronin is projected to be around 100 pages and will be set in an ancient-Japanese-inspired world where monster slayer Geralt trails the mythical Lady of Snow, Yuki Onna. The manga will be written by Rafal Jaki who has teamed up with Japanese illustrator Hataya on the beautiful-looking project. In an interview with IGN, Jaki spoke about the project and why he wanted to put Geralt into a new setting: “I personally love the new monsters and folk tales we can experiment with. Both Europe and Japan have a unique tradition in this area and bringing iconic Japanese stories and monsters and fitting them in a Witcher Context was the most exciting thing for me.”

Jaki also shared how he was able to put Geralt into this fantastical setting; “We took cues from other Elseworld comics — it’s an artistic license that allows people to have fun with the concept and understand it easily”.

It is turning out to be a big year for The Witcher franchise. Not only is the highly anticipated second season of The Witcher Netflix series set to hit the service later this year, but an anime debuted last month that delved into the origins of Vesemir. There is also a new limited series, The Witcher: Blood Origin, set to hit Netflix in the future.

The Kickstarter for The Witcher: Ronin can be found here, where you can sign up for a notification on when exactly the campaign goes live on September 7.

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