The Witcher Season 2 Filming is Complete

The Witcher Season 2 Completes Filming

The Witcher Season 2 filming is complete, distributor Netflix has announced in a new update.

“That’s a wrap on Season 2! The White Wolf awaits you back on The Continent,” the company announced on Twitter. The filming wrapping up comes nearly two years after the first season also completed its filming. The filming being wrapped up was also unofficially teased (on Instagram) by one of the hair and makeup artists from production.

If we go by the same timeline for when The Witcher filming is complete to when it finally airs, the first season premiered in December of the same year. While there’s no premiere date yet, it makes sense for The Witcher season 2 to air sometime in December, to maximize holiday viewers.

It’s worth noting that The Witcher was renewed for a second season in between its filming production wrapping up and its eventual premiere, so it also makes sense to see Netflix renew it for an inevitable third season leading up to the premiere of its second season.

The second season for Netflix’s The Witcher adaptation will focus on Geralt of Rivia absconding the Princess Cirilla to his safest known refuge – Kaer Morhen, where he’ll struggle to protect Ciri from her hidden powers. While Geralt and crew are hiding, the majority of the denizens in the continent will battle for control of the land.

Production on Netflix’s second season for The Witcher began back in February 2020, however soon after the COVID-19 pandemic hit and Neflix halted production on all their shows and films. They resumed production later in August after being given the go-ahead. Then, despite production moving back to the studio, they had to pause production again due to staffers coming up with positive COVID tests.

Netflix is also working on The Witcher: Blood Origin, a six-part spinoff prequel to the series that is set 1,200 years before series protagonist Geralt of Rivia is even alive and kicking. They’re also working on an anime feature film titled The Witcher: Nightmare of the Wolf, which is focused on Vesemir, Geralt’s mentor and close friend.

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