This mind-blowing mod finally brings true VR to the PC ports of Resident Evil 7 and Village

Master modder Praydog has once again shown the big development studios how to do it; this time by adding full 6DOF VR to both Resident Evil 7 (and its DLC’s) and Resident Evil Village on PC.

Not only that, but these marvelous mods also go a couple of steps further than the offical PSVR release of Resident Evil 7 by introducing both full VRIK (that’s a full player avatar rather than just floating hands) and motion controller support.

What makes this even more impressive is that these new motion controls also feature some extra immersive touches, like the ability to block by holding your hands in front of your face, or being able to physically heal by pulling a medicine bottle out from over your shoulder and pouring its contents directly over your (virtual) hand.

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