This Next-Gen Soulslike RPG Launches August 2022 On Xbox Series X|S

Thymesia Next Gen Xbox

A little over a year ago, Team17 and Overborder Studio revealed Thymesia, a next-gen action-RPG with some serious Dark Souls inspiration. To be honest, this one passed us by at the time, but a new trailer has slammed it right on our radar, especially as it launches really soon.

August 9th 2022 is the release date, for Xbox Series X|S only on the Xbox side of things. Yep, the fact that this one is next-gen only adds to the appeal for us, and we’re hoping it can take advantage of the extra power afforded by Xbox Series X|S. Here’s a brief look:

If you do some of your gaming on PC and Thymesia appeals to you, then you might want to head over to Steam sometime this week. The PC storefront is including a limited-time demo of Thymesia as part of its Going Rogue Steam Festival, which kicks off later today, May 2nd, through May 9th.

What do you think to this next-gen Souls-like? Let us know in the comments!


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