This survival game is basically Subnautica meets Astroneer

This survival game is basically Subnautica meets Astroneer

There’s a new space survival game on Steam, and The Planet Crafter Early Access is available to play right now. It’s already proving a minor hit with players with gameplay that feels like a mix of Subnautica and Astroneer – and there’s even a demo you can try.

The Planet Crafter – yes, there’s a “the” in there – is a new space game that’s been in various alpha states for over a year now, and finally launched this week in Steam Early Access proper. It’s an open-world survival game set on a distant planet, with the goal of making it habitable for human life – so it’s pretty inhabitable when you land on it.

It sounds like a game version of The Martian, with fewer resources than Matt Damon even had. It’s closer to Subnautica in terms of first-person survival and exploration, combined with a sci-fi building game like Astroneer or a harsher No Man’s Sky. Players start off just trying to make enough oxygen to breathe and wind up having to terraform an entire planet.

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