This Week In FIFA: Ratings Leaks, Skippable Celebrations, And Division Rivals Updates

Football is back. After England fell short in Euro 2020 by the length of Gianluigi Donnarumma’s fingertips, we all had to endure the hell that was three whole weeks with no elite football. So long as you don’t count the Olympics. Or the Super Cup. Or the Championship, or the SPL, or the… okay, so football never really went away. But after Arsenal got stung by the Bees, a Kane-less Spurs beat a soon-to-be-Kane-ful Man City, and Bruno notched up a hattrick courtesy of more assists than Pogba managed in the whole of last season, football is well and truly back. FIFA 21 is winding down, with FIFA 22 set to launch in six weeks, but EA’s football sim has still had a busy week.

FIFA 22 Ratings Leak


Breaking news – Leo Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo are very good at football. If the FIFA 22 ratings leak is to be believed, the pair will share the top of the ratings pile in FIFA 22 both with 93. In slightly more surprising news, the duo that have dominated world football (and the FIFA ratings) for just over a decade will be joined at the pinnacle by Bayern Munich striker Robert Lewandowski. We call him Robert Lewan-goal-ski.

Related: Create A Club Makes FIFA 22 The Most Important FIFA In YearsMessi’s new teammate Kylian Mbappe is next on 92, with Atletico ‘keeper Jan Oblak on 91. Virgil Van Dijk, Mo Salah, Marc-Andre ter Stegen, Karim Benzema, and another of Messi’s new teammates, Neymar, all sit on 90, while Heung-min Son, Bruno Fernandes, and a trio of goalies – Allison Becker, Manuel Neuer, and Thibaut Courtious – all come in at 89. As well as this top 15, some Man United ratings have been leaked. After Fernandes, FIFA 22 rates new signings Jadon Sancho and Rafael Varane as the club’s best players, along with Paul Pogba and Marcus Rashford.

Skippable Celebrations


Another one of the signs that Premier League football is back came at the King Power Stadium, when 34-year old Jamie Vardy shook off the idea that his legs have gone, that Daka and Ihenacho are set to replace him, and that chatting shit will do anything else besides getting you banged. After getting grief from the Wolves fans all day, he celebrated his winner with a wolf-like howl at the opposition supporters. Last year, he flapped his arms like an eagle after netting against Palace. Presumably he’ll build a bookshelf when he scores against West Ham, and will retire once he slips past Thiago Silva to score against Chelsea.

What’s that got to do with FIFA, you might ask. We all know the worst FIFA player is the one who makes you watch them celebrate, and wants to see the replay of the goal from every possible angle. We also know for a fact that Jamie Vardy would be one of these players. Thankfully, in FIFA 22, you won’t need to endure this.

Instead, you’ll be able to skip celebrations and watch your own players sink to the turf miserably. I’m not sure how excited I am to see Allan Saint-Maximin in tears after I’ve somehow been matched against PSG while playing as Newcastle, and have witnessed Messi, Mbappe, and Neymar turn Matt Richie inside out, but I suppose it’s better than seeing Mbappe dab. Again.

Division Rivals Updates


The final piece of FIFA 21 news this week is also about FIFA 22. Look, the new game is out soon, not much is going to change with the current one – sorry. Next season, Division Rivals in FIFA Ultimate Team is going to have new stages, ranks, and divisions to help unlock more rewards. Weekly and season prizes will be given out for competing with other players, while Division 1 is being extended to house Elite Division for the very best FIFA players in the world. FUT Champions is also introducing a tier system that allows for more flexible scheduling, while play-offs and finals are also being implemented.

I haven’t talked about real football in a while, so um, Erling Haaland is bloody good eh? Opening day hattrick. Nice.

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