Tips To Make An Overpowered Gunner In Aliens: Fireteam Elite

The most well-rounded class available in Aliens: Fireteam Elite is the Gunner. The Gunner is perfect for beginners because it has no notable weaknesses, but no specific strengths. The Gunner is also perfect for playing with AI teammates. Perhaps the greatest strength of the Gunner is the flexibility of the class. Certain classes require specific perks and guns to be most effective, but the Gunner can find success with nearly every possible combination of available weapons and perks. It is difficult to create a weak build for the Gunner, but there are a few things you can do to ensure your Gunner stands out in the crowd.

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Find Hidden Caches


Scattered throughout the levels of Aliens: Fireteam Elite are Hidden Caches that give you consumables and weapon attachments. These attachments are critical to boosting the power and handling of your weapons. Not only will your weapon stats increase, but your combat rating will increase as well. A high combat rating is critical for being able to play new levels and higher difficulties, allowing you to make the most of your experience. Don't waste your time looking for YouTube videos on the Hidden Cache locations – they will change spawn areas every time you load into a level.

Get Familiar With Your Skills


The Gunner has two skills – Overclock and Grenade. Overclock increases the fire rate for you and all nearby teammates and increases your reload speed. Xenomorphs will swarm and overwhelm your team quickly if you are unprepared, and the Overclock ability will let you take back some control. The second skill is a simple Frag Genade that explodes on impact. It behaves exactly like any other frag grenade in a shooter. Be careful, however, as the arc of the grenade upon activating the skill may cause you to overthrow your target the first few times you use it. Utilizing your Gunner skills will help crowd control and prevent the Xenomorphs from taking you down.

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Remember Your Passive Ability


The Gunner's passive ability is called Stay On Target. This ability grants bonus damage to stack as you continue hitting enemies, capped at 10 levels of bonus. It adds a small percentage to your damage, and when paired with Overclock, allows the Gunner to thin out the Xenomorph horde with ease. The bonuses quickly decay over time, so you need to be mindful of your ammo when dealing with large groups. Consistently restarting your bonus damage stacks essentially waste the ability, so make sure you are swapping weapons and reloading with your Overclock ability activated to preserve your bonuses.

Visit The Armory Frequently


New weapons will be critical to your success in later missions and higher difficulties. Frequently visiting SSGT Park in the armory on the Endeavor allows you to find and try out new weapons for your class. Aliens: Fireteam Elite has multiple different options for each weapon type. Rifles include a selection of Pulse Rifles, Sniper Rifles, Burst Fire Rifles, SMGs, and DMRs. Close Quarters Weapons (CQW slot) features a variety of shotguns (pump-action and semi-auto) as well as SMGs and even a flamethrower. If you aren't in love with your starting weapon, SSGT Park will have something for you.

Pay Attention To Gunner Exclusive Perks


Each class has a Perks Grid with stat boosts and Combat Rating increases. There are universal perks (which any loadout can use) and exclusive perks. To maximize your effectiveness as a Gunner, pay attention to the exclusive Gunner perks, as they will make your Gunner a crowd-control powerhouse. Perks like focus Fire (damaging targets causes them to take an extra 2% damage, stacking up to 5 times) pair nicely with the Overclock ability to boost your damage numbers. The Incendiary Burst and Remote Detonator perks are "Ability Replacers" that will change what your grenade is. QickLoad Interlink adds to your Overclock ability, instantly reloading your gun and extending reload speed to your companions. Knowing what perks to pair with your abilities will make a world of difference.

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Find Your Ideal Loadout And Stick With It


Even the base Xenomorphs will take you down if you are not careful, so you need to find a loadout that works best for your playstyle. However, you need to determine what you want to use and stick with it. Leveling up guns is a great way to unlock attachments, increase stats, and unlock weapon perks that you will be needing by the end of the game. Constantly experimenting and switching weapons is good, since you have many options to succeed. To progress to the endgame and take on more challenging tasks, you will need to identify your ideal loadout and level those guns.

Use Challenge Cards As Often As Possible


Challenge cards give unique modifiers to levels, increasing mission rewards and increasing replayability for the game. Some challenges include a disabled HUD or a card causing your weapons to occasionally jam. These cards are available by completing Tactical Opportunities and can be purchased in the armory from SSGT Park. They give rewards for completing the level, like a boost in credits or experience earned. Failing the opportunity removes the card, so make sure you can complete it before activating. Also, when playing with a squad of humans, only have one person use a card. If everyone uses a card, the game will select one of the three and the two unused cards will be trashed.

Don't Neglect Tactical Opportunities


Tactical Opportunities are the Daily and Weekly Challenges of Fireteam Elite. Sometimes they will be challenges like "Get kills as Doc" or "Get 50 Handgun Kills." They may not always be objectives that you can complete as Gunner, but they are worth doing. Completing these challenges earns you credits, which you can use to buy weapons and attachments in the armory. You can also get weapon attachments from the "Opportunities Packs" you earn as a reward. They are a great way to quickly farm weapon attachments and credits to increase your Combat Rating and stats.

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