Titanfall Legends single-player Apex Legends game cancelled by EA claims report

Titanfall 2 – there’s never going to be a 3 at this rate (pic: EA)

Rumours claim that Respawn was working on a new single-player Titanfall game and Apex Legends spin-off but that it’s now been canned.

As part of its financial results yesterday, EA announced that it was shutting down Apex Legends Mobile and work on a mobile version of Battlefield, which is unfortunate but not something that has caused much consternation in fan circles.

However, a new report suggests that another project may have been cancelled at the same time, something fans have been dreaming of for a very long time: a new single-player Titanfall game.

Known internally as TFL or Titanfall Legends, the game’s cancellation is reportedly not so much because of EA trying to cut costs but because creative director Mohammad Alavi left the company last year.

Supposedly, EA tried to continue development of the game without Alavi but it has now given up, with 50 staff now either due to be relocated elsewhere at developer Respawn or laid off.

There are no further details from the original Bloomberg report but before he left Alavi said he was working on a ‘brand new Respawn single-player adventure’, which serial leaker Jeff Grubb said was focused on ‘mobility and style’ – which does sound a lot like Titanfall.

Titanfall started as an almost solely multiplayer game in 2014 but Titanfall 2 in 2016 included a celebrated single-player story campaign, which is what fans have been hoping will get a follow-up.

So far that’s never happened though and the success of multiplayer-only spin-off Apex Legends has seemed to make it less likely than ever, as Respawn focuses its efforts on that.

The recent cancellations also suggest that EA is trying to thin Respawn’s workload at the moment and considering how many Star Wars games they’re currently overseeing it may be a long time till they get another crack at Titanfall.


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