Top 10 Best Cards in Power Absorbed: Dragon Ball Super Card Game

The hype is real for the newest Dragon Ball Super Card Game booster set Power Absorbed. This marks the first time that Bandai has decided to release two separate sets; one normal and one collector’s edition that include numerous exclusive foils and new art treatments. It’s going to put one big Kamehameha in your pocket, but it will be worth it since this TCG continues to prove itself as the overall best anime card game to date. When you start buying the booster boxes, packs, or singles tied to this run, these are the top 10 best cards in Power Absorbed: Dragon Ball Super Card Game.

Son Goku & Android 18, Vital Teamwork

Image Source: Image Source: Bandai Namco and Toei via Twinfinite

Son Goku & Android 18, Vital Teamwork is a highly versatile card that can benefit any green deck. Made for the new Goku GT leader, it can KO an enemy battle card when played. If your leader is not Goku GT, it still has a great ability that can force your opponent to discard a card or lose 3 markers from their Unison, and that’s each time this card attacks!

The green color has always been slept on and under-appreciated since the banning of the Cell leader, but there are still plenty of powerful leaders, archetypes, and custom meta decks that have yet to be fully explored. This new Goku GT leader will keep slowly increasing green’s overall power level and hopefully players will wake up to using a variety of green decks soon.

The SPR version also has action-packed art featuring a young Goku and Android 18 from the GT series that looks fantastic in any binder. If you’re a Dragon Ball GT fan, this is a must have!

Super 17, Onyx Lightning

Image Source: Image Source: Bandai Namco and Toei via Twinfinite

Super 17, Onyx Lightning is the big boss finisher for the green Super Android 17 deck that also hails from Dragon Ball GT. Although it comes at a cost of 8 energy, you can easily play this earlier for only two green energy thanks to its Activate Main ability.

And once this hits the battlefield, it’ll definitely do a ton of damage and leave its mark, if not win you the game at the right time. Those looking for a great new card to implement with a competitive deck need look no further than this excellent pull.

Majin Buu, Vile Onslaught

Image Source: Image Source: Bandai Namco and Toei via Twinfinite

Majin Buu, Vile Onslaught is one of the big boss cards from the yellow Majin Buu deck archetype. This card can be played with the Majin Buu leader or the Babidi to access its powers, and it will help you turn the game around after you play it.

To utilize all of its abilities, your leader needs to be Majin Buu, but that should be your choice since this archetype thematically represents the final Dragon Ball Z story arc. And once you use Buu’s power to lock down two of your opponent’s cards, you’ll have an edge that can bring you closer to victory.

Android 21, Ceaseless Despair

Image Source: Image Source: Bandai Namco and Toei via Twinfinite

Android 21, Ceaseless Despair is a card that might end up being overpowered.

Bandai decided to go all out with Android 21-themed cards since this is the first time she’s been introduced to the TCG. Although this card is expensive to play at 8 energy, it lets you unrest 5 of your energy, essentially only costing 3 after the fact.

This comes along with two powerful effects: One KOs all your opponent’s Battle cards, and the other forces your opponent to discard 2 cards if they activate a counter. This dual attack monster will be a game-ender for sure, and shouldn’t be overlooked in what might be a limited window of viability.

SS Vegito, Overwhelming Might

Image Source: Bandai Namco and Toei via Twinfinite

SS Vegito, Overwhelming Might seems to be part of Bandai’s effort to add a boost to the yellow color, and the Vegito leader and deck archetype are great ways to do just that.

Yellow already has many great general cards, and a host of powerful leaders and archetypes that are being slept on, so this card is a great way to keep a balance and wake players up to more variety.

A whopping 8 energy cost is too much to play normally, but thankfully, this card can easily be reduced to just 1 cost in any yellow deck. And it also does what yellow does best — it prevents your opponent from attacking and stalls them.

Yellow already has many great general cards and a host of powerful leaders and archetypes that are being slept on, so this card is a great way to keep a balance and wake players up to more variety. Plus, this is an epic-looking card with some terrific art of the Potara master himself.

Universe 7, Powers Combined

Image Source: Bandai Namco and Toei via Twinfinite

Universe 7, Powers combined helps bring back the blue and red Invoker theme along with Universe 7.

For collectors, this card has a fantastic design in the way it arranges Frieza, Android 17, SSB Goku, SSB Vegeta, and Gohan together in a colorful manga-like panel. For more competitive players, this card has a strong effect that boosts one of your cards by +5000 for the turn and hits your opponent’s Unison or Battle cards for -30000. After all that, it can be swapped into your energy, making this a versatile tool for a variety of strategies.

The deck this card is tailored to focuses on Android 17 as well, so it’ll be interesting to see how this archetype builds out and how it will combine with all the Invoker and blue or red cards from previous sets.

SS3 Son Goku, Universe at Stake

Image Source: Bandai Namco and Toei via Twinfinite

SS3 Son Goku, Universe at Stake is one of the special cards from the limited collector’s booster set that features an exclusive treatment

It’s another mighty card that rates at 8 energy but can be played for a mere 2 energy with an easy to meet criteria. Once again, this is made for the Vegito deck and nets you an extra card for playing him, but any yellow deck can take advantage of this card’s abilities.

To top it all off, this collector’s booster version is extremely rare and will make an excellent addition to any collector’s binder. Both fans and TCG players alike should be vying for this card, and can count themselves lucky should they nab it.

You Are Number One

Image Source: Bandai Namco and Toei via Twinfinite

You Are Number One almost deserves the top spot for its name alone, but this card is still a mighty new Ultimate Secret Rare that can see play in any yellow deck.

What’s great about this card is not only how it can be used in any mono-yellow Saiyan or Earthling deck, but in the fact that it helps you create a custom Ultimate. You can search your deck for any yellow Saiyan and give it an enormous boost with +10000 power, Dual Strike, and Double Attack. There are only a few prime choices for this effect at the moment, but that could easily change over time with the release of new cards.

This card’s booster version has some great art showcasing a kneeling Vegeta calling upon an SS3 Kakarot too, with detailed special effects that make it an excellent find even if you’ll only have it as a collector’s item.

Android 21, Transcendence Predator

Image Source: Bandai Namco and Toei via Twinfinite

Android 21, Transcendence Predator is the other Ultimate Secret Rare of the set, and it’s worthwhile addition to collections and competitive decks alike.

It shouldn’t be understated how wickedly powerful it is. For TCG players, it can remove all of your opponent’s Battle Cards with ease, and for every 2 you remove, you get another chance to keep this card in play when your opponent tries to remove it. It’s truly a menace both in the game and in your binder, especially with the alternate collector’s booster edition pictured here.

Golden Cooler, Radiant Pride

Image Source: Bandai Namco and Toei via Twinfinite

It may come as a surprise to see one of the most powerful Ultimate Secret Rare in the set be Golden Cooler, but rest assured that it handily earns the spot.

Gameplay-wise, this card is epic on so many levels. It’s technically a black card that can be used in any deck, allowing it to be used in a variety of decks. It can be played at a discounted 5 energy easily too, and although it’s vulnerable to Counter Play cards since it lacks Deflect, it still has a tremendous effect once it enters play.

The mechanic is super unique too, as it forces your opponent to discard down to 5 cards by putting their excess cards in their Z-Energy. You might first think that helps your opponent when you read it, but Cooler’s second ability lets you use your opponent’s Z-Energy to Unrest and attack multiple times! How fun is that?

Aesthetically, the art on the collector’s booster version is dynamic and flashy while showcasing the trademark art style of Dragon Ball with the hallmark alien and armor that the series is known for. As a result, it’s a wonderful pull whether you want to decimate opponents with it or hold onto it as a point of pride in your collection.

That does it for our list of the top 10 best cards in Power Absorbed: Dragon Ball Super Card Game. If you’re a returning player, make sure to check out all the changes and updates to the Zenkai series. For even more Dragon Ball-related content, you can peruse some of our other articles down below.

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