Trek to Yomi is a Cinematic Action Game Launching in 2022

During their E3 2021 showcase, Devolver Digital unveiled a brand new game from Leonard Menchiari and developer Flying Wild Hog. Trek to Yomi is a gorgeous, cinematic, sidescrolling action game set in fuedal Japan, and it’s looking fascinating.

You will play as a samurai, the young swordsman Hiroki, who made a vow to his master before his death that he would protect his town from all threats. The game sports a black and white colour pallet and Japanese voice overs, and combat that’s looking more than a little bit like Ghost of Tsushima. In fact, the game is evoking Ghost of Tsushima in more ways than one. Take a look at it below.

Trek to Yomi launches for PS5, Xbox Series X/S, and PC some time in 2022, though a more specific launch date for the game hasn’t yet been confirmed. Stay tuned to GamingBolt for more reveals and updates from E3.

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