Twitch Rivals Rust Team Battle cut short after competitive integrity controversy


The latest $100K Twitch Rivals event, Rust Team Battle has come to an end ahead of schedule according to the organizers.

With major names like xQc, shroud, and DisguisedToast all joining in, the latest $100K Twitch Rivals event was set to be among the biggest of the year.

Teams were supposed to compete for 48 hours straight in a custom Rust server, though the tournament hit a snag in the road.

Before reaching its actual conclusion, the Twitch Rivals event ended early with both teams and the Rivals administrators agreeing to award Team DisguisedToast the event win.

Why did Twitch Rivals Rust Team Battle end early?

YouTube: DisgusedToast, Youtube:Alexby11

Twitch Rivals Rust Team Battle has come to a close ahead of schedule.

The showdown first came under contest on day one when members of the Spanish community insinuated that the competition was unfair and that their region was being shown a “lack of respect”. This rift among the competitors carried on into day two before it ultimately ground things to a halt entirely.

In a statement to the community regarding the sudden stoppage, the Twitch Rivals admins relayed the message that the show would not be carrying on into Day Three and Team Disguised Toast would be awarded the $100,000 prize.

On Twitch Rivals: Rust Team Battle:

Thank you to @aLexBY11, @DisguisedToast, @playrust, & @RustoriaServers for their partnership and hard work to make this event possible

— Twitch Rivals (@TwitchRivals) April 16, 2022

While the internal conversations have been kept private, the TR team has promised to host similar events with adjusted rules and expectations to avoid problems like this in the future: “We’ve heard the community’s feedback and aim to: further clarify rules to prevent confusion, re-evaluate format, and reconsider global event timings in the future.”

The decision to bring the event to an end was not a popular one for the winning team, as popular variety streamer and Team DisguisedToast member xQc has already voiced his dislike for how things shook out at the end of Day One.

*This is a developing story and will continue to be updated as more details are revealed.

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