Twitch to Remove App From Nintendo Switch in January

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While Twitch is many gamers’ go-to when it comes to streamed content, Nintendo Switch users won’t be able to use the app come January 31, 2024. That’s according to a recent update from the Amazon-owned platform.

A ‘difficult decision,’ statement says

If you head over to the platform’s help page — specifically the section related to the Switch — you’ll be greeted by a notice at the top. The message confirms that those who currently use the app on the Nintendo hybrid console will lose access to it at the end of January. In fact, come November 6, “new users will no longer be able to download the Twitch app in the Nintendo eShop.”

According to a statement from communications lead Gabriella Railasent sent to The Verge, it was a “difficult decision to remove the Twitch app from the Nintendo Switch.” The report says that while the app for the console was released in 2021, it was considered quite troublesome, with issues such as not being able to see a streamer’s chat. Whether this forms part of the reason why support on the Switch is ending cannot be said at this stage.

For now, you can still use the Twitch app on the Nintendo system.

The Switch definitely feels like it’s coming to the end of its lifecycle in general. With a patent for a mysterious detachable device surfacing lately, not to mention rumors about a possible Switch 2, Nintendo is almost certainly getting ready to move into the next generation.

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