Two Point Campus’ Wizardry Course has a Hogwarts-y university

Witches and wizards around the world of Two Point Campus will rejoice at the reveal of the Wizardry course and the Spiffinmoore campus that will be a part of this academic management sim. Two Point Campus is coming out on 9th August.

Any students signing up for the Wizardry class will have to learn all manner of magical things, from brewing mysterious potions in the apothecary, to using a crystal ball to tell the future, or transmogrifying their head into a pumpkin. Over in the Spellroom, they’ll get to compete in magical duels. You’ll want your student body to be well-versed, given that there might be an occasional ancient curse or enemy that appears.

All of this will apply at the Spiffinmoore campus that will be found within the game, but you’ll be able to set up a magic-filled wing at any of the campuses, once you’ve unlocked it through playing the campaign. Similarly, once you’ve passed the campus’ main mission objectives. It’ll fit right in alongside Gastronomy’s oversized culinary chaos and Robots students getting to work building oversized robots, i’m sure!

Two Point Campus Wizardry Reveal

Two Point Campus was intended to release in May, but Two Point Studios announced a couple weeks ago that they wanted more time to refine and polish their game. It will now release on 9th August 2022 across PC, Xbox Series X|S, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and Nintendo Switch. It will also be out for Xbox Game Pass on day one.

Two Point Campus Preview – Making fun of higher education

Two Point Campus’ predecessor, Two Point Hospital was well received, first on PC and then for its console release. In our review, Dom wrote:

There are few games that can boast the level of personality and humour that Two Point Hospital does while still giving you something serious to sink your time into. For anyone with fond memories of Theme Hospital, this is the silly hospital management sim you’ve been waiting for.

You can read the full Two Point Hospital Review here.

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