UK has highest demand for PS5 in the world – Newry is highest in the UK

PS5 console
The UK loves the PS5 (pic: Sony)

An analysis of search queries suggests that the UK has more people desperate to get hold of the PS5 than anywhere else in the world.

At this point the PlayStation 5, and Xbox Series X/S, aren’t likely to be significantly easier to get hold of until at least 2023, and probably not until well after that.

Even casual gamers are aware of that by now though and if you really want a PlayStation 5 the chances are you have probably got one by now, even if it’s involved paying over the odds or getting up early in the morning to catch a website just as they update.

However, a study of internet search data suggests that the UK demand for the PlayStation 5 console is the highest in the world, with 486 in every 10,000 Britons searching for it each month.

France was in second place, with 352 in every 10,000 people searching for the term and the US was third, with 259.

The data was compiled by Repair Outlet and is more or less as would be expected, except that Japan doesn’t appear anywhere in the list of top 20 countries, with the only non-European or North American countries being Australia, New Zealand, and Hong Kong.

Sales of the PlayStation 5 in Japan have been poor so far, but it was assumed that was because of the lack of stock, which is especially tight in Sony’s home country.

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As well as 157 different countries, the study also drilled down to include 69 cities in the UK, to see where exactly the most demand was coming from.

For some reason Newry in Northern Ireland, which was only made a city in 2002, was number one, with 24.6 searches per 1,000 people.

Turo was the most PlayStation 5 friendly city in England, on 243 per 10,000, with Stirling the number one in Scotland and fourth overall in the UK. However, no Welsh cities made it into the list.

PS5 demand global map
The UK is desperate for more PS5 (pic: Repair Outlet)

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