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Unlock Maser Gun, Find Ruined Factory – Death Stranding Director’s Cut

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Death Stranding Director’s Cut is available now, and even if you’ve already played through the main game on PS4, you’ll find that there are many more packages to deliver in this expanded version of the game.

On top of those new deliveries, there are also brand new tools and areas – but let’s face it, you’re only here to find out about the Ruined Factory and the Maser Gun. The Maser Gun is a new weapon that can disable Mules, though it has a limited supply of ammo. This makes traversing through hostile terrain much easier.

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If you want the Maser Gun, you’ll need to return to a fairly early section of the game – so it’s easy to miss for those who have booted up an existing save game. For exactly where to find the mission, just read through our guide below.

How To Unlock The Maser Gun In Death Stranding Director’s Cut


First, you’ll need to go to Distribution Center West of Capital Knot City. If you’ve just started the game, you’ll gain access to this location during Episode 2, but if you’ve already finished most of the game, then you’ll need to go back to that Distribution Center – hopefully you’ve got Fragile’s fast travel umbrella unlocked.

Once you reach this Distribution Center, check the orders and pick up Order No. 77: Collection: Cargo Discovered In The Ruined Factory. I just realised that is not an elegant name by any means, but it’s very on-brand for Death Stranding.

How To Find The Ruined Factory In Death Stranding


The Ruined Factory is a brand new area added in Death Stranding Director’s Cut, and is hidden atop a hill a relatively short distance from the Distribution Center where you receive the order. If you have just started the game, this area actually makes for an excellent introduction to the Mules, hostile humans who want to steal your cargo for themselves. They only come out during clear weather, but the Ruined Factory also acts as their base of operations.

Once you’re up here, use stealth in the tall grass and punch out the Mules when they least expect it. They’re easy to take on one-on-one, but when you face multiple they can easily overwhelm you. There’s a postbox near the entrance to their factory – the factory doors won’t open during this order, but you will be able to gain access inside and take down multiple mules very soon.

Once you take the cargo back to the Distribution Center, you will be rewarded with the Maser Gun, and the ability to Fabricate it, should you need another in the future.

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