Upcoming Among Us Content Includes New Map, Account System

Among Us

Inner Sloth, the creators of the 2018 game Among Us have teased some upcoming content in their latest patch notes; including a new map and account system.

The bug fixes, balance changes, and teasers were posted in a blogpost on the developer’s official itch.io page. Inner Sloth also announced their nomination in The Game Awards and the opening of their new merch store.

Notable balance changes include buffing the effects of sabotaging communications. When previously, it would only make it difficult to find tasks and know the collective task progress; it was negligible and easily ignored especially early game. Now sabotaging communications hides almost all UI clues to where tasks are located; in addition it’s now more difficult to fix.

You can read the full announcement of bug fixes, balance changes, and other news below.

— Balance changes

  • Comms sabotage hides task arrows
  • Comms red light no longer immediately responds to the correct position

— Bug fixes

  • Fixed camera flinging on security cams
  • Fixed inaccurate admin table on Polus
  • Fixed Polus panels reachable through walls
  • Fixed temperature mini-game in Polus for iOS
  • Fix solo-complete reactor/seismic exploit
  • Fix align engine exploit and softlock

— What’s coming up?

  • Accounts. One of our biggest priorities has been to get our account system nailed down and in line with privacy policies. The first focus for accounts will be to get reporting and moderation integrated ASAP. We want our game and communities to be welcoming, respectful places, so this will be a first step in tackling the toxicity and hacking. Thank you for being excellent to each other in the meantime! If you have any issues, you can send reports to [email protected].
  • Languages. We’ve been getting the game localized so Among Us can be enjoyed anywhere! Currently, the plan will be to get these languages in: French, Italian, German, Spanish EU and LA, Dutch, Russian, BR and EU Portuguese, Japanese, Korean, Filipino (Bisaya). There will be more to come, but as we said, accounts first!
  • Mobile ads. There have been a lot of issues with inappropriate ads on mobile, so until 2021, they’ll be removed. Enjoy! Think of it as a small thank you for all the support you’ve given us. :)Everyone who paid to remove ads, don’t worry. We’re gonna re–add themand make sure you get something extra for paying. More than anything, we just want to improve everyone’s experience, and not just ignore your concerns.

The new map appears to be a very open airship, similar in theme to Mira HQ map that already exists. Inner Sloth began developing new content for Among Us after announcing the cancellation of the game’s sequel, choosing instead to improve the existing game for its growing fanbase.

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