Valheim – a Viking epic in limbo

Eight months had passed since Valheim’s launch, and my friends and I had finally completed our mission. We had found the perfect location. We had turfed out the local draugrs. We had constructed a luxurious hot tub overlooking a lake – we had even installed mood lighting. Yes, it was true: our Viking spa town was complete. Removing our padded armour sets, we crammed ourselves into the tub and began to take in our idyllic surroundings. A hush fell over the group, with only the bubbling of the water and the occasional bellowing of a deer disturbing the silence.

“So”, someone eventually said. “Now what?”

Those who have played Valheim from the start will know that, nowadays, it’s largely up to the player to set their own goals for what they want to achieve in-game. Updates for Valheim have been fairly limited in scope, with most introducing fixes and additional crafting items rather than major new chapters in the game’s story. Valheim’s simple and snappy building system has been able to keep players busy for some time, but there are only so many pubs and longhouses you can build before the longing for something more returns.


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