Valheim gets March release date on Xbox Series X/S and Xbox Game Pass


It’s been a long time coming, but acclaimed viking survival adventure Valheim finally has a release date on Xbox Series X/S and Game Pass, with developer Iron Gate Studios confirming it’ll be hitting Microsoft’s console on 14th March.

Valheim, of course, took the PC gaming world by storm when it launched into Steam early access back in February 2021, selling 4m copies in just three weeks and nearly 7m by July that same year. Despite its huge success, Iron Gate has continued to take its time with Valheim, and it wasn’t until November last year that the game received the first of several promised biome expansions in the form of Mistlands.

As such, there’s a long way to go until Valheim is ready for its 1.0 release, and the studio recently confirming its next biome expansion, the volcanic Ashalnds, is still in “pre-production”.

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