Valorant Fracture Changes Teased; Includes Reyna, Skye Changes

The ongoing Valorant PBE 5.07 seems to be bringing about massive Valorant Fracture changes. That said, there was no mention of the changes in the PBE patch notes released today. Riot Games will most likely make the changes official in the next global patch.

What Fracture looks like on the 5.07 PBE.

— floxay (@floxayyy) September 24, 2022

The next global patch is expected to include new adjustments to Fracture along with significant improvements to the blinding and melee abilities of certain agents, including Reyna changes and Skye changes. As for Fracture, the map design team has added some refreshing and balancing tweaks to Fracture. Players will now see several renovated and improved structures and points of interest, as shown in the video.

Fracture was the seventh map to be added to Valorant. It features an abandoned research facility that was formerly a base for a top-secret collaboration. However, Fracture is known to favor attackers and provide them with optional paths to access sites. This naturally makes it difficult for defenders to regain or hold ground. Fracture’s one-way ziplines and lack of a mid-section make it one of the most unique maps in Valorant.

Below are the Valorant 5.07 PBE patch notes, keep in mind these aren’t the official Valorant patch notes 5.07, but these are all the changes that can be surmised by the videos uploaded, so these should give you a good idea of the changes in the new update:

  • The area between the CT-spawn and A Ropes has been shrunk in size and a rafter-like structure has been added in front of A Ropes.
  • The box beneath A Drop has received a ramp-like addition.
  • The space beside the box on top of the A site has been removed.
  • A Drop now has an additional cubby at its opening towards A-site.
  • One side of the two-way path circling A Dish has been removed, leaving players with one way to attack A Drop.
  • The route from Attacker Side Bridge and B Bench has been widened.
  • The box opposite of B Bench has been removed and a wide cubby has been added.
  • B stairs behind the Radianite Box on site is now a smooth ramp.

Along with the Fracture changes, it also seems like there will be a Reyna buff in the next update as well. Skye will also get some changes, but it doesn’t seem to be a Skye buff, instead, the power of her flashes will be decreased when playing with them alone.

Buffs are being tested to Reyna’s Leer in today’s PBE. Changes are also being tested for KAY/O and Skye’s flashes, decreasing some of their power when playing with them alone. | #VALORANT

— Mike ? TVAL | Valorant Leaks & Info (@ValorLeaks) September 23, 2022

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