Valorant Patch 5.08 Adds UX/UI Visual Changes

The upcoming Valorant patch 5.08 will bring some UX/UI visual changes to the game. Players can expect to see a new MVP and loading screens. These changes are a first step toward improving the in-game experience. The new UI focuses on readability and removing clutter.


The new patch will include a rework for Yoru, which is part of the Episode 4 Act 2 update. Other balancing changes are also included in this update. For instance, the Icebox will get a 15% speed boost, and Astra will be able to pick up stars during the Buy Phase. Another important change is that Astra can now refund charges when they are used in the Buy Phase.



A new MVP screen will show a player’s Agent, KDA, and Combat Score, and will help players identify the best team composition. In addition, the Match Found screen will have an improved design, and the loading screen will be more dynamic. Adding more features will enhance the overall user experience and enhance the emotional narrative of the game.


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