Valorant’s Next Agent is Killjoy, First Details Revealed


Riot Games’ Valorant will be getting a new Agent named Killjoy soon. A page dedicated to the new Agent went live on the developer’s website with video but has since been pulled. Not to worry though – data miner floxay has the video on Twitter, showcasing all of Killjoy’s different abilities.

And there’s certainly a range of unique abilities to be had. First up is Alarmbot which hunts down enemies and deals damage. Interestingly, affected foes will take double damage from all sources when hit by this. Then there’s a Turret which has a 180 degree angle to fire at foes.

Nanosworm is a grenade that sends a swarm of nanobots to hurt an enemy while Lockdown keeps enemies trapped in its space for eight seconds (though it can be destroyed). No date has been given for Killjoy’s release but it should be within the next few weeks. Stay tuned for more details in the meantime.


— floxay (@floxayyy) July 28, 2020

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