Valve Boss Prefers Xbox Series X Over PS5

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It’s always interesting to get the perspective of Valve Software when a new console generation is on the horizon. The developer, which recently launched Half-Life: Alyx for VR and is still going strong with Dota 2, is primarily known for PC development. But how does its co-founder and current boss Gabe Newell feel about the Xbox Series X and PS5?

In an interview with New Zealand’s The Project, Newell was asked which console he thought was better. “The Xbox.” But why? “Because it’s better!” Newell went into a bit more detail and stated, “I don’t have a stake in that race. Obviously, we do most of our development on personal computers. But of the two, I would definitely go with an Xbox [Series X].”

It could be personal preference, being impressed with the slate of games coming to Xbox Series X or arbitrarily choosing one over the other. Considering it’s Gabe Newell, the man who teased fans for years over the existence of Half-Life 3 (which caused such furor that he resorted to outright denying its development thereafter), we may never know. Either way, it’s good to see Newell doing well especially since being grounded in New Zealand due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

The Xbox Series X and PS5 both release this holiday season. While Sony hasn’t provided a release date for its console, Microsoft CFO Amy Hood said that the Xbox Series X would launch in November. Stay tuned for more details in the coming months as always.

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