Varvarion BitSummit 2021 Trailer

Varvarion BitSummit 2021 Trailer

Polygonomicon has shared a new Varvarion BitSummit 2021 trailer, showing off more of their high-speed anime-action game.

Varvarion is being developed with the goal of having a skill-based game that feels like an anime swordfight, complete with acrobatics, flipping, jumping, stylish attacks, and more. So far there are several playable characters shown off like a barbarian, a cat girl, orcs, and more.

While still being in early development and no solid release date in sight, solo developer Polygonomicon already has the game supporting split-screen multiplayer, with full online multiplayer planned for the full release. The game has shaped up quite a bit since we last reported on it later in 2020.

Here’s the Varvarion BitSummit 2021 trailer:

Here’s a rundown on the game, via its official site:

VARVARION is a 3D sword fighting action game currently in development, which puts you at the center of playable, anime-styled sword fights. Flipping and dodging to evade ferocious attacks, parrying at the last possible split second to reposte with a deadly blow, and doing it all with the style and flare of an anime battle; this is what VARVARION is setting out to achieve.

Another goal is to support a wide assortment of combat situations, ranging from 1 on 1 duels to group melees.

VARVARION is being developed to balance tactical, Fighting game-like skill with the wide variety of combat scenarios found in Action games.

Varvarion is currently in development for Windows PC.

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