Vivo Next Phone Will Debut Native 10Bit 2K 120Hz LTPO 3.0 Display

Vivo Next Phone Will Soon Debut Native 10Bit 2K 120Hz LTPO 3.0 Display

The recent flagship phones are using popular E5, LTPO 2.0, and other display configurations, the latest news said that Vivo will bring a further upgrade of the display technologies.

Today morning, the well-known breaking news blogger Digital Chat Station posted an article to bring the latest report. He revealed that Vivo next phone will soon debut a native 10Bit 2K + 120Hz LTPO 3.0 flexible display, not only excellent display effect but also more power saving.

But unfortunately, the news did not mention that this is almost the strongest screen in the smartphone market, in which model will be officially unveiled. At present, vivo has announced that it will hold a product launch conference on April 11, the conference will launch Vivo X Note and Fold dual flagship, of which X Fold is a foldable display flagship, and X Note is a large screen flagship.

Previously Vivo has announced that the X Fold will make the world’s first folding-screen phone with both internal and external screens made of 120Hz E5 material, opening up the 2.0 era of the foldable display, which can provide super high-quality display effects on both internal and external screens, avoiding a cut-throat experience, almost the strongest foldable display at present.

Vivo X Note Official Renderings

It is worth noting that according to the current official appearance diagram, Vivo X Fold and Note both in the appearance design is the same, so the X Note will most likely also use E5 material high brush screen, and even expected to become the first native 10Bit 2K + 120Hz LTPO 3.0 flexible screen models, worth looking forward to.

In addition, the large-screen phone X Note has blue, black, and gray three colorways, the news is that the black glass version body parameters for 8.37mm thick / 221g heavy, blue and gray leather version are 8.75mm thick / 216g heavy.

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