Warframe charts a love across the Void in new Citrine’s Last Wish update


Valentine’s Day has been and gone but Warframe is still in a romantic mood, charting a love affair across the Void in its new Citrine’s Last Wish update, out today on all platforms.

Among the various additions introduced in Citrine’s Last Wish are new Mirror Defence missions, described as “classic defence missions with a twist”. This latest challenge type, found at the new Tyana Pass node, sees Tenno battling an onslaught of tough enemies determined to harness the power of two crystal-encased lovers, lost to time and space, for themselves.

“In response to the connection between Belric and Rania,” explains developer Digital Extremes, “The Void has bored a hole in space to connect their preserved bodies for eternity.” As such, players will need to fend off Grineer and Corpus as they defend Rania’s crystal on Mars and Belric’s crystal on Venus in order to reunite the pair.

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