Warframe: The Duviri Paradox interview – Why Digital Extremes is experimenting with a roguelike experience


TennoCon 2022 has concluded, and with its end we’ve gotten a full breakdown of the next giant update for Warframe. We got a live demo for The Duviri Paradox as is tradition for the annual convention, briefly taking us through the colourless hills and plains in the newfound open world and showing off some of the Roguelike gameplay additions.

Shortly prior to TennoCon, we sat down with new creative director on Warframe, Rebecca Ford, to talk us through some of the design decisions for The Duviri Paradox, including the black and white aesthetic, the decision to take on the Roguelike genre, and what the daily experience will actually be like for players

You’ve established that the Duviri Paradox is set in a new open world zone, but it seems like there’s a vastly different relationship with the actual citizens in this new zone. That there’s not this one hub where all the vendors can be found. Is this the case?

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