Warner Bros Teases Gotham Knights With A New Image Of Batman, Who Is Definitely, Definitely Dead

Warner Bros has released a new teaser poster for Gotham Knights, and it features Batman, who is absolutely, definitely dead. No, really.

The teaser poster was released on the official Gotham Knights Twitter account, which said, "Your Legacy Begins Now. Step Into The Knight". The poster has likely been released now following the recent news about the return of DC's Fandome, which Gotham Knights will be making an appearance at.

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The teaser poster itself shows Jason Todd, Tim Drake, Barbara Gordon, and Dick Grayson all suited up walking down the street. Reflected in a puddle on the ground is Batman, who has been promised multiple times to be dead in this universe, although everyone is pretty sure that's not going to end up being true.

Realistically, Batman being shown in the puddle on the floor is more likely a comment on how the four heroes are a reflection of him and are carrying on with his legacy, but that metaphor will likely turn into obvious story-telling when Gotham Knights eventually releases.

Although completely different properties and games, Marvel's Avengers tried to pull a similar thing with its version of Captain America, who Square Enix promised and marketed was dead. Then he ended up being on the game's cover art and the whole mystery was shot in the foot before it could even be considered.

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