Warzone 2 Ashika Island lore hints at the return of a Modern Warfare 2 character

Who is the new mysterious leader of the Shadow Company? (pic: Activision/Metro.co.uk)

The new Warzone 2 map Ashika Island could be teasing the unexpected return of one of Modern Warfare 2’s campaign characters.

Warzone 2 is getting a brand new map called Ashika Island as soon as the delayed Season 2 goes live on Wednesday, February 15.

This smaller, secondary map takes inspiration from various Japanese islands and will be introduced solely to the game’s Resurgence and DMZ modes.

At first glance, it looks like not much is going on at Ashika Island, but recent developments suggest that it might lead to a reunion with a familiar face.

According to the backstory, the island has been mainly used by the Konni Group for the transportation of chemical and biological weapons.

Specifically, current intel from an unnamed source suggests that biological weaponry has been shipped there from a suspected BioLab facility in Al Mazrah.

However, background details on the official blog suggest that the Konni Group are being hunted by Shadow Company and their new, mysterious leader.

Upon hearing of this new Shadow Company boss, many players immediately started speculating about who that person might be, with one name popping up over and over again: Phillip Graves.

Graves featured as a character in Modern Warfare 2’s campaign… in the role of CEO of Shadow Company.

By the end of the game it seems as if he’s dead but you never see a body and it’s easy to imagine that Infinity Ward might bring him back.

Graves in action (pic: Activision)


Graves’ death has already been much speculated on by fans, with many players hoping he would resurface at some point in the future, as a playable operator.

In terms of other new operators, the only one that seems to be confirmed is Ronin, a character from Modern Warfare 2019, whom you’ll likely be able to unlock through the battle pass.

When it comes to Graves and his popularity, it would be easy to imagine Activision including him in a new operator bundle in the near future.


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