Warzone 2 reveals new Resurgence map called Ashika Island

It’s inspired by Japanese islands (pic: Activision)

Activision has given Call Of Duty players a first look into Warzone 2’s Resurgence map, Ashika Island.

The slightly delayed Season 2 update promises to bring a suite of new content to both Call Of Duty sequels, including new weapon blueprints and new missions, amongst other things.

Warzone 2 has taken centre stage for now, as not only will the DMZ mode get overhauled, but players will also get a brand new Resurgence map to explore.

Its name, as well as a few key locations, have finally been revealed, drawing inspiration from the suburban scenery of Japanese islands.

The mini-map is called Ashika Island and it’s expected to arrive on Wednesday, February 15, as soon as the Season 2 update comes out.

It features seven locations, ranging from a residential area to a shipwreck and even a beach club, with many of them showing potential to become player favourites.

Ōganikku Farms, Town Center, Beach Club, Tsuki Castle, Residential, Shipwreck, and Port Ashika are the main locations on Ashika Island (pic: Activision)

Four of the map’s landmarks got a more detailed reveal via Call Of Duty’s official Twitter account, which also accompanied each photo with a haiku.

The first one is the Underground Waterway where ‘warmth know no home’ which looks like it could be located near Ashika Port.

Underground Waterway – Ashika Island 📍
Deep below the Earth
Long tendrils branching outward
Warmth knows no home here
QRT with Call of Duty #Warzone2 + #ResurgenceReturns to reveal the tac map. pic.twitter.com/uyb04mLEXw

— Call of Duty (@CallofDuty) January 31, 2023

The second photo reveals one of the main areas, the Beach Club, which looks less than ideal to spend your summer vacation, as the haiku warns not to get deceived by the cabanas.

Beach Club – Ashika Island 📍
Not a vacation
Don’t let cabanas deceive
Grab sand, take cover
QRT with Call of Duty #Warzone2 + #ResurgenceReturns to explore more of the island. pic.twitter.com/hs4t496jR6

— Call of Duty (@CallofDuty) January 31, 2023

You can also get a glimpse of the Town Center, which features a cherry blossom tree in full bloom – an essential part of any Japan-inspired map.

Town Center – Ashika Island 📍
Long range or up close
Through the market’s many stalls
Find the next shootout
QRT with Call of Duty #Warzone2 + #ResurgenceReturns to explore more of the island. pic.twitter.com/KA5G8YVb79

— Call of Duty (@CallofDuty) January 31, 2023

The Tsuki Castle also boasts the same flora, with the accompanying poem urging you to infiltrate it quicky, past the town’s defenders.

This likely means that there will be some computer-controlled characters waiting for you there, guarding a ‘hidden space’ – maybe it’s full of loot?

Tsuki Castle – Ashika Island 📍
Infiltrate quickly
Past the tower’s defenders
Reach the hidden space
500 QRTs with Call of Duty #Warzone2 + #ResurgenceReturns will reveal the next location. pic.twitter.com/05MYF30QID

— Call of Duty (@CallofDuty) January 31, 2023


Besides the new Resurgence map, Season 2 will also include the return of 1v1 fights in the Gulag, as well as bring an end to players dropping their backpacks when they die.

On the multiplayer side, the Hardcore multiplayer mode is finally arriving in Modern Warfare 2. Ranked Play is also being added for those who enjoy a more competitive playstyle.


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