Warzone expert WhosImmortal reveals 3 must-use perks in Season 3

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Warzone expert WhosImmortal has revealed his picks for the perks that players should be using in Season 3, and it should prompt a slight shake-up to the usual meta.

Pretty much everything in Call of Duty: Warzone has a meta at this point – be it weapons, drop spots, equipment, and even perks – with Raven Software constantly making changes to keep things fresh.

Perks have been under the microscope constantly over the last two seasons, with a handful of options getting buffed in Season 2, and a brand-new perk – Serpentine – being added in Season 3.

The new perk has got some decent usage since its arrival, but it’s not yet cracked the meta, nor is it something that players really need to be using. That’s according to WhosImmortal, who has laid out his picks for the best perks in the new season as things have settled down a little.


Warzone’s meta perks have shifted over time.

The Warzone stats guru highlighted the shift in the perk meta during his May 28 video, suggesting that there are a few changes that players need to make to their setup.

In terms of Perk 1, the YouTuber believes Cold-Blooded is still the go-to, just because of how it counters Combat Scout. As for Perk 2, it’s Restock that gets the nod from WhosImmortal because of how strong the perk has become with its recent buff – especially when combined with Snapshot Grenades.

When it comes to Perk 3, he believes that Amped is still the way to go rather than Battle Hardened, which has been the shift for some players. “Battle Hardened ‘counters’ Snapshot Grenades but it still shows you that a player is there, so it’s really a terrible counter,” he said.

While that’s his preferred setup, the YouTuber did concede that some players won’t want to shift from what they’re comfortable with. Plus he noted that many will be eager to get Serpentine into the mix.

However, he claims that the newest perk isn’t as “broken” as some feared as it really only comes into effect when you have no armor and are running off base health.

Of course, some players will still use what they want to use regardless, but it might be a good idea for many to rock what he’s highlighting.

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