Warzone players slam “game ruining” Marco 5 movement speed bug


Warzone Pacific Season 4 introduced an exciting new SMG: the Marco 5. The initial excitement devolved into anger from the community, however, as players discovered a potentially game-breaking bug for the weapon and other Vanguard SMGs.

The Warzone Season 4 update made several new additions such as Fortune’s Keep, and the Marco 5. Warzone players TimTheTatman, IceManIssaac, and NICMERCS even came out and praised the new update.

Despite the strong start for Fortune’s Keep and overall positive reception, a bug affecting the Marco 5 and Vanguard SMGs makes them vastly outperform other SMG options in the speed department.

Warzone player OpTic Zlaner even created a Marco 5 loadout that basically “breaks the sound barrier” with how fast you can move.

Marco 5 in Warzone

Being able to dual-wield the Marco 5 makes it a unique weapon in the Warzone roster.

The Marco 5 can almost out-walk other SMGs

Reddit user elipson made a Reddit thread and claimed based on data from sym.gg that players using the Marco 5 can almost walk faster than players using the Modern Warfare CX-9 while tactical sprinting.

The image below shows that while Tactical Sprinting with the Marco 5, you are moving 11.1 meters per second compared to just 7.2 meters per second while using the CX-9. By just walking forward with the Marco 5 you are able to move 6.8 meters per second.

According to sym.gg the new SMG can almost WALK faster than the MW CX-9 can TAC SPRINT. from CODWarzone

An extreme gap in distance covered time gives Marco 5 players an advantage in outrunning enemies or running away from engagements.

One user believes that the bug was caused by a Taped Grip change and said, “they even mentioned it in the patch notes but the Taped Grip change is supposed to be ‘movement speed now increased to 5% but it is clearly more than 5%, and more like 15-20%.”

It seems that all Vanguard SMGs were affected as another user added that the “Mp40 and Sten can hit 10 m/s since the Taped Grip buff too.”

Whether or not this is an intended feature or not remains to be seen but, if not, expect to see developers Raven Software make some changes as soon as possible.

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