Watch this Unreal Engine 5 video and tell us you’re not desperate for Bloodborne 2


If you’re like us, the idea of Bloodborne 2 has us dreaming of what a hypothetical sequel to the excellent gothic action RPG would look like. What dark corners of the world would we explore? What horrors would await us there? It’s enough to make a person sick. Enter a recently released Unreal Engine 5 montage – which aims to further explore the premise.

Uploaded to Youtube by Enfant Terrible, this video compiles a range of Unreal Engine 5 projects from a range of talented creators, all of which lean into that dark tone that helps make Bloodborne the beloved game it is today.

In it, we see rain-slicked streets, lavishly decorated mansions, ravaged and unkempt pathways and lofty spires reaching skyward. While occasionally the video is a touch jarring as different artists’ works splice into each other, the video does make a good case for setting a potential Bloodborne 2 in the engine. Some of the projects highlighted really do feel as though you could drop a hunter with a saw in hand right onto it.

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