WB Games Montreal Releases Final Brief Teaser Before Next Batman Game’s Reveal

batman arkham origins

We are one day away from the DC FanDome event that will see announcements, panels, trailers and more regarding various adaptations of DC properties. It’s there that we will finally see the next Batman game that has been teased for what feels like forever by WB Games Montreal. In the meantime, they have given a very small teaser to wet your appetite.

If you’ve been following, there’s been something of a pseudo-ARG going on with the game, which internet detectives have been following, with one piece of information pointing to Batgirl as a potential character in the game. Now, the last teaser has been uncovered on the r3dak3d YouTube, which you can see below. It’s only 16 seconds long and only shows a piece of what one assumes to be Gotham (the game in question is rumored to be subtitled Gotham Knights).

The game has long been teased by the company, which has also come after several projects the company was working on was seemingly scrapped. We’ll see what this thing looks like tomorrow at DC FanDome.

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