What are Dragons in TFT Set 7? New mechanic explained

Aurelion Sol in TFT Set 7

Dragons are more than just a neutral round in TFT Set 7. In Dragonlands, the mythical beasts are the core mechanic, buffing players’ boards with ultra-powerful abilities. Here’s how they’ll work, and the types of Dragons you can find.

With TFT Set 7 exploring the Dragonlands, it only makes sense that players entering the Convergence become familiar with the namesake beasts.

Dragons are at the center of TFT’s latest update, with the ultra-powerful units making up the core set mechanic. They are more than just another unit on a board ⁠— but ultimately what makes your comp shine. All the best boards in TFT Set 7 will need a Dragon.

So, here’s what you need to know about Dragons, including what beasts you’ll be able to bring with you into the Convergence.

League of Legends
Riot Games

Shyvana is evolving into a pure dragon in TFT Set 7.

What are Dragons in TFT Set 7?

Dragons are the special TFT Set 7 mechanic, but they don’t work like other set-specific gimmicks before.

“When we landed on Dragonlands, we were excited to create a roster inspired by all sorts of high-fantasy stories involving dragons. We looked at the roster of champions to drag a couple of actual dragons, and we had so many to choose from like Aurelion Sol, Shyvana, and that’s it,” developer Matthew ‘Wittrock’ Wittrock said in a May dev video.

“We repurposed League’s dragon, and dragon-ish, models to fit into one of the seven realms of the Dragonlands.

Dragons themselves are part of a trait ⁠— much like Set 6’s Rival ⁠— that benefit when there’s only one of them on the field. With each Dragon aligning with a different realm, they’ll buff up specific champions based on their traits and allegiance to said realm.

They are also ultra-powerful units. Dragons gain triple the trait bonus from their origin, take up two slots, and boast an impressive amount of base stats. They also have unique abilities. However, all this comes at quite the eye-watering cost ⁠— you do have to buy them in the shop.

Dragon Guardian Galio in League of Legends
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Some dragon-like skins, like Dragon Guardian Galio, are being repurposed for TFT Set 7.

Each Dragon in TFT Set 7: Abilities

Not all of the TFT Set 7 dragons have been revealed yet. However, Riot has shared some of them ⁠— namely Aurelion Sol, Galio, Ao Shin, and Shyvana. A handful of the elemental drakes will also make up the leaders of the seven realms.

Once the full list is confirmed, including their abilities, we’ll let you know here.

league of legends lol hextech and chemtech drakes dragons
Riot Games

League of Legends’ Elemental Dragons will also make an appearance.

When does TFT Set 7 release?

TFT Set 7, Dragonlands, is set to launch on TFT patch 12.11 on June 8, 2022. It’ll first go into testing on the PBE client starting May 25, 2022 for those eager to get their hands on it as soon as possible.

TFT Set 7 will include the usual refresh of champions and traits, as well as the return of Hextech Augments and more. You can find out more about Dragonlands here.

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