What We Played – Dying Light 2, Pokémon Legends: Arceus & OlliOlli World

This week has been an odd one. I’ve had lots of games on screens before my eyes, and have played some great ones like the quirky reinvention of OlliOlli World by Roll7, but the biggest and most exciting ones are those that I haven’t actually been able to play. No Gran Turismo 7 and no Ghostwire: Tokyo, though there’s really just a handful of weeks before the opportunity to play will arise.

We’ll start with Tuffcub, who has been playing Horizon Forbidden West for our review later this month. That’s all we can say. Don’t be too jelly.

dying light 2 review parkour

I’ll tell you who isn’t jelly: Jim. He’s been far too busy playing Dying Light 2 for our review, saying “It’s served as a fun yet flawed open world romp, the first person action making a change from most games in the genre. I’ve still got a lot of Villedor to explore though I won’t be spending 500 hours searching every nook and cranny.” He’s also been playing Pokémon Legends: Arceus, saying that the reinvention of the turn-based battling, more open world and mish-mash of Pokémon has got him hooked.

Also on the Arceus train was Nic, who continued his adventures after reviewing it for us last week. That’s been combined with playing yu-Gi-Oh and Pokémon Go. Miguel’s copy of Arceus has been going on a journey with UPS, though he’s hopeful they’ll redeliver it today so he can start it this weekend. In its place, he’s previewing Rune Factory 5 for us, alongside Fortnite, Deep Rock Galactic and a quick dive into classic Zelda with Wind Waker and A Link to the Past.

Pokémon Legends Arceus Hisuian Growlithe

With Miguel in the boat of getting to play a game that he wants to was Jason, who’s still not getting to play Elden Ring, despite really, really wanting to. He has been playing something secret, as well as Monster Hunter: Rise to try and cope.

Aran has continued his conquest of Yara in Far Cry 6. He’s taken over the majority of the military targets across the island and is now on treasure hunting duty. Ade’s Ubisoft game of choice was Assassin’s Creed Valhalla, which is “too much game” and scares him. He’s been playing Lego games with his little one and Two Thrones with his partner to recover.

Reuben has returned to us, finishing off Death’s Door, getting into Pokémon Legends: Arceus and trying out The Anacrusis with friends… which sadly has some balance issues.

The Anacrusis Brute

Finally, Steve is getting to the end of his first playthrough of Bloodborne, saying that “once it clicks it turns out that it’s still hard but nowhere near the wall that those first few hours seem to be.” He’s also been recovering from Covid by playing Vampire Survivors, which is “the unironic best Castlevania inspired game in years even if it’s a MOBA-esque clicker,” and some Infernax for a review.

Get well soon, Steve!

Now then, what have you been playing?

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